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About Us
About Us

We are experienced social workers and mental health practitioners with extensive experience in working with both children and families.

We also have experience in working with children with mental health needs and children with physical and learning disabilities. We work and support adults with dementia and physical needs.

Crest Care Solutions undertakes community work and provides assessments.


  • To promote the physical, moral, emotional and social development of each young person (16+) that we support via Crest Care Solutions Ltd through the provision of 24/7 staffing support.
  •  To promote tolerance, equip, respect and develop young people to live independently through acquisition of skills such as self care, budgeting and tenancy.
  •  Promote the independence of young people by providing practical support and encouraging them to care for themselves by offering a high level of emotional support and practical help in health and educational/employment issues, cooking, budgeting and household tasks.
  •  To ensure the support provided to the young people we work with promotes their independence and is outcomes focused to enable smooth transition to independence.
  •  To develop young people’s skills and abilities that will enable them to maintain and rebuild ruptured relationships with peers and their families.
  •  To build positive relationships with young people by listening and responding to their needs and involving them in decision making.
  •  To ensure every young person understands their Pathway plan and that with collaborative support from Crest Care Solutions Ltd and the Local Authority they meet their needs.
  •  To provide a safe, stable and nurturing home environment where young people can feel valued and treated with respect.
  •  To provide outcomes focused interventions that enable young people to reflect on their lived experiences, deal with their trauma and develop skills that enable them to develop coping strategies and regain control over their lives.
  •  To collaboratively work with partner agencies such as education, health, Youth Offending Team (YOT) etc in supporting young to access a range of community services.
  •  To help all young people in our care to learn fundamental life skills helping them to live on their own when they leave our service.
  •  We support our young people to achieve their outcomes and aspirations by using outcomes and strength based approaches,
  •  To assist young people to have structured outcomes-based life opportunities that enables them to achieve their full potential.
  •  Support young people to develop the practical and emotional skills required to live independently and reach their full potential.
  •  To work with sensitivity and understanding around the range of emotions and behaviours arising from the care experiences of young people.
  •  To work sensitively with young people to help them understand a range of emotions and behaviours arising from their lived experiences.


  • Crest Care Solution Ltd staff knows that young people’s rights are paramount, all complaints from the young people will be dealt with robustly.
  • All work will be in partnership with the young people and professionals involved with the young people to support and fulfil goals for each young person.
  • Crest Care Solutions Ltd expects staff to support and build positive relationships with young people and their families.
  • Crest Care Solutions Ltd will support each young person to ensure Life Story work has been completed and support the Local Authority to complete one, if one has not been provided.
  • Our service is tailored to meet the individual needs of each young person and their voices heard and recorded.
  • To provide an environment that is safe, stable and consistent to the needs of young people and enables them to grow, learn and develop into adults who can independently contribute within their respective communities.