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Our Services
Our Services

Crest Care Solutions Ltd is an independent provider of supported living services for young people. In addition we provide specialised and loving care services for those in the community
that need additional care and support.

Full crestcaresolutions-services are listed below

  1. Supported Living

Our services aim to support our valued young people to register with local health providers, access youth services and engage in education, training or employment. We offer personalised support to help young people achieve their potential as they move from care towards independence. We can support with contact between children and families including weekend contact. Welfare visits can be undertaken on behalf of the Local Authority Community Work to support families to keep their children safe and within the family.

2. Supervised Contact

We ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of a child, that is under risk when contacting loved ones. We also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their family. It takes place at one of our centres, another venue, or in the community. One or two members of staff who know the family’s circumstances observe at all times and provide reports of the contact sessions afterward

3. Supported Contact

We provide a safe, neutral and comfortable place for children to see their parents or family. It takes place in our centres in a private room. Families have access to the communal areas and kitchen areas to prepare meals or snacks. Staff are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation of individual contacts or conversations.

4. Community Contact

We can arrange for contact within community settings, away from our centres but supervised by one of our staff.

5. Family Support

We providing family support for families to minimise risk of poor outcomes helping them to provide consistent and nurturing environments for their children. Our Family Support services empower families to reach their full potential. We are able to provide consistent family support up to 24 hours per day over short or extended periods of time.

6. Asylum

We provide independent and impartial members of staff to attend both visual and age assessments of asylum seekers who have entered the country. We are available at short notice and have attended interviews both at the police station and neutral venues to support the asylum seeker when they are being interviewed by the two social workers. We ensure that the needs of the asylum seekers are being met at all times and that they are all treated appropriated during the interview process. All our staff are trained in supporting young people and have been trained as appropriate adults when supporting them.

7. Handover

Handover allows parents and foster carers to handover children for contact without having to meet each other. This is done at our centre or at an agreed location in the community. We can also provide a full handover service, collecting and transporting a child door-to-door.

8. Personal Care

For you or your loved one, we provide discreet and sensitive personal care such as bathing, dressing, shaving and continence.

9. Companionship

We match you with a carer that has similar interests and personality with you to ensure that life becomes interesting and enjoyable.

10. Managing Medication

Our Carers are trained in Medication management and will prompt you to take medication. They can also make medical appointments or accompany you to health professionals.

11. Assistance with safe mobility

We make sure that your home is safe to improve mobility and movement whilst minimising falls.

12. Domestic Tasks and Cooking

Our Carer will cook for / with you nutritious meals that suit your dietary needs. They will also help you keep your home tidy by cleaning it.

13. Assistance with social activities

We make sure that you stay in touch with your local community. This can be achieved by attending local events or visiting friends and family with the company of your carer.

14. Domiciliary Care

We offer regular home visits from a Care, from 1 hour to several hours a day to help you with a wide range of daily tasks.

15. Holiday Care

One of our Carers will go on a holiday with you and assist your loved one while you are there.

16. Hospital to home support

We offer care and support when you or a loved one is transitioning directly home after hospitalisation for a safe and successful recovery.

17. Complex care

Person-centered care and support that addresses your needs if you have combinations of medical behavioural health, and social challenges.

18. Night care

A night time carer will be there through the night when you need support, helping you to sleep soundly, whatever medical condition or disability you live with.

19. Transportation

We provide transportation services for children, to school, family supervision visits, health clinics and other areas. In addition we can transport our in need clients to see relatives and for hospital visits.

20. Room Hire

We provide rooms for families and foster carers to rent out for special gatherings and meetings or parties.

Our 16 plus service includes

  • Provide accommodation for supported living 16 plus.
  • Supporting asylum seekers with age assessments and to attend immigration interviews.
  • Support as appropriate adult for police interviews when needed.
  • Welfare visits.
  • Supervise weekend contacts and out of hours contacts.
  • Supporting with community assessments for parents where concerns have been identified.
  • Supporting social workers to place children out of hours.
  • Support with network meetings (weekends).
  • Parenting assessments, viability assessments and SGO assessments.
  • Support with Life Story work and later life letters\

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff support young people using outcome and strength based approaches that harness their strengths and abilities.

Our carefully selected staff receives ongoing training and support and constant supervision.