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Supported Living
Supported Living

Our services aim to support our valued young people to register with local health providers, access youth services and engage in education, training or employment.

We offer personalised support to help young people achieve their potential as they move from care towards independence.

We can support with contact between children and families including weekend contact.

Welfare visits can be undertaken on behalf of the Local Authority Community Work to support families to keep their children safe and within the family.

Our 16 plus service includes

  • Provide accommodation for supported living 16 plus.
  • Supporting asylum seekers with age assessments and to attend immigration interviews.
  • Support as appropriate adult for police interviews when needed.
  • Welfare visits.
  • Supervise weekend contacts and out of hours contacts.
  • Supporting with community assessments for parents where concerns have been identified.
  • Supporting social workers to place children out of hours.
  • Support with network meetings (weekends).
  • Parenting assessments, viability assessments and SGO assessments.
  • Support with Life Story work and later life letters.

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff support young people using outcome and strength based approaches that harness their strengths and abilities.

Our carefully selected staff receives ongoing training and support and constant supervision.